Lateral Connections

Lateral Inspection
Lateral connects the building plumbing to the sanitary sewer main.
Projects that involve a new connection or the modification/repair of the sanitary sewers in the District's service area,  must obtain a permit from the District before starting work. A sewer permit is often needed in order to get a building permit from the appropriate planning and zoning jurisdiction.  
Connection permits are issued  Monday through Friday at the District's office located at 10701 N. College Ave. between the hours of 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. There is a 24-hour turnaround time for all permits. For questions regarding fees, please refer to Ordinance 12-12-2016 District Wide Fees
A site plan is required at the time of permitting, showing  ALL necessary details. This includes: top of casting for upstream and downstream manholes, manhole numbers, main floor elevations, basement elevations, proposed lateral locations, proposed connection into main/manhole, required easements and property lines. More information may be required at the time of review.      
All fees must be paid at the time of permitting: $1,818 connection fee plus a $150 application/inspection fee. Interceptor fees may also apply if not previously paid by the developer.      
A District inspection is required. Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance by calling the District's office. Inspection requests called in after hours must wait until the following business day  to be scheduled. Voicemail requests for inspection will not be allowed. Please visit the Sewer Projects page for more information on the District's fees and permitting requirements. The District's construction specifications for main line installations, lateral connections, repairs, manhole inside drops and other details are included on our Specifications & Download page.  Please visit the Document Center for a listing of other related documents pertaining to the dedication of completed sewers.      
After the issuance of the District's permit, you may need to go to Carmel City Hall, Zionsville Town Hall,  Boone County Area Plan Commission office or the Indianapolis City - County Building for building permits. If your project involves any impact on the local roads or right-of-way to access the sewers, you will need to a obtain a permit from the Hamilton County/Boone County Highway Departments, Indiana Department of Transportation or the Zionsville/Carmel Street Departments. District staff can advise you of the specific permits needed for your particular situation.      
The District is an independent political entity with a regional service territory, serving properties in four different planning and zoning jurisdictions. Regardless of which zoning jurisdiction issues your building permit, a District permit must be obtained for connection to or modification of the sanitary sewer.

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