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Please use this form to stop your sewer service with Clay Township Regional Waste District.

Please note:
The District requires an Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Inspection be completed whenever a property changes ownership - If the property has never had an I & I Inspection, this should be scheduled by the seller and most local title companies will verify if it has been completed.

This inspection requires an hour or less and there is no cost for the initial inspection. Someone would need to be present during the inspection.

If you are unsure whether the property has had the inspection or if you need to schedule it, please contact the District office at (317) 844-9200.

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If the property is going to become a rental, we can bill your renter as a courtesy. However, since unpaid sewer charges may result in a lien against your property, it is ultimately the owner's responsibility to ensure the sewer charges are paid. For that reason, many homeowners prefer to have the sewer service remain in their name and then include the monthly bill amount in the rental agreement.
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Please note that sewer service continues regardless of occupancy. If you are stopping service, you must be selling your property and have a closing date. If you are moving but will remain owner of the property, you may request a change of mailing address on the Customer Account Change request.
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